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BREATHWORK + Sound Baths: Groups and Private SeSSIONS

BREATHWORK + Sound Baths: Groups and Private SeSSIONS

BREATHWORK + Sound Baths: Groups and Private SeSSIONS BREATHWORK + Sound Baths: Groups and Private SeSSIONS

Breathwork and Sound


Group Classes at Nao Meditation In Roland Park:

Sundays from 4pm-5:10pm       $30  exchange

Mondays from 7pm-8pm          $30  exchange

You do not need to sign up in advance. 

Cash preferred at door

Venmo or Credit Card as needed

Please wear something comfortable. 

Please arrive 5-15 minutes early to  get situated.


An Active Meditation for Music Lovers

A Baltimore Breathwork and Sound Healing session is a unique experience and difficult to put into words. First of all, breathwork is an powerful active form of meditation with deep breathing. The practice is an ancient "pranayama" with a modern twist as taught by David Elliott in Los Angeles. I found this practice in Malibu, California and it helped to transform my life during a difficult time. It's hugely popular there in the wellness community. This kind of breathwork is taught at some of my favorite trendy studios like Unplugged in Brentwood, and Maha Rose in Brooklyn, New York.  In addition, at many of the Los Angeles rehabs a David Elliott practitioner leads weekly sessions to help people with early sobriety, i.e. Breathwork for Recovery is one such organization.  I believe that a breathwork meditation practice is easier and perhaps more immediately transformative than a regular meditation practice.  Of course, it really depends on the person and what resonates with him or her personally. Online, there have been a lot of articles posted recently about how the vagus nerve gets stimulated during breathwork, and how that can help with depression. I decided to leave my career as a classroom teacher to share what I learned with others about healing. Besides breathwork, I spent many years exploring sound healing, mindful meditation, and energy work. But bringing this particular heart opening active meditation to my home Baltimore is my main passion right now. I see the difference it makes immediately when I see people's faces after class.  Almost everyone is glowing and looks blissful.  I'm able to use my twenty-five years of teaching experience, and my gift  to hold space for anyone who walks into my room. Any profit that I collect is put back into the practice.  This is not a "job' for me, but my passion. Earning some profit means I can travel for professional development, and regularly purchase items for my "healing classroom" at Nao Meditation such as sound bowls, and essential oils. This breathwork is different than the breathwork taught in a yoga class, or anywhere else in the area.  It's definitely got my stamp on it: a hybrid of many of my favorite healing practices.  I've had many teachers along way, but my certification is officially as a David Elliott healer and that feels right to me.  I look forward to the people who come to every class more than anything. However, creating the soundtracks brings me another avenue of joy!  It's not all about the music, but I wouldn't do it without the music if that makes sense!


I often start class with directions and some grounding exercises or guided imagery to help us be relaxed and present.  All of the breathwork itself will be  through the mouth, just in case you are curious--this is not like the nose breathwork you might do in a yoga class.  In fact, we do not use our noses for twenty-five minutes. I will explain how to do the breathwork more in person. During class everyone lays flat on a cushion or yoga mat covered with a blanket.  I have eye pillows you can borrow, or purchase if you would prefer your own.  Music is a passion for me and I curate some great soundtracks for class.  It's not uncommon for me to play rock-n-roll and I've even been known to play some very old 1970s early punk like the Undertones and the Clash.  I will probably ask the class to let out a scream or some laughter mid-way through our experience.  We have fun with it.  Sometimes I have people repeat positive affirmations. Towards the end of the session the vibrational energy of soundbowls, and a beautiful handmade gong from Italy will wash over you.  Quite often, people report intense experiences during the process.  If that happens, I will be there to help ground you. My intention is that you leave the session lighter and empowered.       

Client Testimonials

I am so happy that I stumbled upon this practice 6 months ago. I always leave class feeling lighter, more grounded, and positive. It's the one hour a week I am able to commit 100% of my attention to myself. Recently I took a break from the practice after attending regularly for months (life gets in the way). I was finally able to attend another session and when I left I felt like myself for the first time in months! I was able to rid myself of the negative energy I didn't even know I had built up.

I just can't say enough great things about this practice. And Liz is so welcoming and makes you feel right at home. If you're hesitant about trying it, just go for it! You won’t regret it.

Ahhh-mazing! I went to the class on Saturday and really enjoyed it. From the relaxation to rebel yell and laughter, it all felt so freeing. Liz is the best! I highly recommend.

Healing. Good Energy. Love. All the things I search for in a practice.

Liz has a talent for making people feel simultaneously at peace and invigorated during her breathwork class. The way I feel during this experience is the same way I felt when I reached the top of La Bufa in Mexico - powerful, amazed, and overall grateful. I highly recommend that you don’t just try out the class, but make it a part of your life like I did. You’re doing yourself a favor.

I can not say enough about the experience I had at my first class on Saturday. It was moving and emotional and really opened my eyes to some things I have had stored away under lock and key. As I am learning to navigate my way through a new cancer diagnosis, I think the soundbath is just what I need to help me dig deep and release clutter that is holding me back. I truly felt different afterwards and things Elizabeth spoke of are ringing through my head since. I can’t wait to go back and see where it leads me. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! ❤️❤️❤️

“It’s like a sauna for your soul” -my thoughts today when walking out of class

Another great breathwork healing workshop with Elizabeth I attended on Saturday. In this session I worked really hard on releasing fear, affirming my inner strength and sense of worth, and feeling joy. I was able to achieve these things and left feeling happier, more confident, and at peace with myself.

I attended a Baltimore Breathwork session yesterday and it was incredibly powerful and healing. I arrived carrying the pain of a recent breakup, fear and sadness over our nation's political situation, and struggling in the early stages of alcohol recovery and toll that cigarettes are taking on my health. The Amaranthine Museum was an extraordinary space for this work, and Liz's guidance took us into a deep and powerful place where I was able to find both physical and emotional strength, as well as a feeling of inner peace and release from the pain that I had been holding. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough.

Yesterday I experienced my first breath-work healing sound bath. I went in with no expectations. I am still trying to find the precise words to explain my experience: Intense, tingly, movement, stillness, emotional, trippy? I felt connected to my spirit which can sometimes be hard because of all of the rush, story, craziness that goes on in our day to day lives. Doing this was a true gift of self-love to myself. Liz thank you for bringing this to Baltimore.


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